Five top programs that you must have for effective SEO in 2015

There are thousands of programs that are available for SEO but in this list, I’m going to talk about only those programs that are essential and highly effective for search engine optimization in 2015. These programs come from my favorite list, but I’m no way affiliated with any of them and these are only listed because they have performed well for me.

GSA search engine ranker

GSA is a very useful tool for creating high-quality different type backlinks in few steps. It comes with a one-time fee of around $ 90 and is quite capable of doing backlinking. You need to have some additional programs with it like captcha breaker, indexing service, content creation tool, et cetera to get effective results. It has lost some efficiency in ranking your website after 2013 but still it is worth the money that it comes for.

Traffic Travis SEO AIO tool

Traffic Travis is an effective tool if you want to know about your competition and keyword data. You can find thousands of low competition quality keywords using it and check the competition for them. It can also find Adwords competition and various other things.

Unlike the other keyword search tools, it is not only a keyword research tool but a complete SEO tool that can help you in doing almost everything in search engine optimization research. Traffic Travis has a free version and a professional version. The professional version comes at a price of $ 97 but with traffic Travis discount you can get it for around $ 37.

Zennoposter automation tool

Zennoposter is a really good automation tool that provides you the ability to create automation bots for almost all types of SEO purposes. Most of the tools that come in the market are very specific and cannot do every task that you may like them to do. Zennoposter solves this problem, and you can easily create automation bots in few hours.

It is quite easy to operate, and there are excellent video tutorials available to help you understand it better. You can also download a demo version to check it before buying for 14 days.



Although this is not a particularly specific SEO tool, it helps in preparing notes for your seo case studies. You can always use Evernote to create small notes regarding your projects, and you can create reminders with it too. It helps you in keep going without wasting any time.

So this was my list, and I’m waiting for your replies. Post here if you like the above tools, or you have any other tools that you found useful in your seo tasks.


Top 6 sites that you must visit if you are interested in search engine optimization

Although there are thousands of sites that people visit daily, and there must be some of your favorite ones too but in this list, I’m going to write about my top six favorite sites regarding search engine optimization. The one Below is my prepared personal list, and all the sites mentioned here do not have any contact with me or are owned by me.



Moz provides essential data regarding latest changes on search engine optimization and case studies. It does also have a subscription plan for users that want to go inside the world of search engine Optimization completely and use various tools that it provides with the subscription.

Search engine land


It is also a seo information website and is running for quite some time. You can get all the information regarding Panda, Penguin and all such Google updates on this website with ease. I’m a frequent reader of search engine land, and it has very valuable stuff regarding SEO.

Keyword shitter


Keyword shitter is not an information website but a tool that works on the web platform. It literally shit’s keyword out in bulk by just providing some seed keywords into it. I have got around 800 to 1000 keywords just by putting one seed keyword.

Bulk DA checker

It is also an online tool that helps in providing bulk data regarding Moz’s domain authority metrics. If you don’t have a Moz PRO account, you can surely use this website to find out domain authority of various websites very quickly. It also provides the facility of finding whether websites are indexed or not and the facility of finding unique domains in a list.


WF is a great forum regarding online marketing and search engine optimization. You just have to create an account at WarriorForum and check out what people are talking about. Most people have problems and solutions like you, so that won’t be tough. You can surely ask questions after you have become a little bit known on the forum.

Word counter.net

It is a great tool for finding how many words are in your article. Many people do write their articles in programs like normal Notepad and WordPad, which come with Windows and do not have the functionality to show you word count of the written article. Word counter helps in solving that problem.


So this was my list! You have any more suggestions or any favorite websites that you visit for your seo projects? Write below or mail us via our contact form.